Junior Achievement

Taking a Break With Junior Achievement

The second week of April was spring break for Chicago Public Schools and 20 elementary and middle school students from Chicago’s South Side gathered together in Living Hope Church, where Hope Works is located, to learn basic business and financial skills.

Financial literacy, especially when developed at a young age, can give kids the ability to plan for the future, teach them the importance of making wise decisions with their money, and inspire them to share their knowledge with their community. Junior Achievement is a comprehensive curriculum that uses games and activities to communicate valuable lessons.

The kids learned how to make and spend money wisely, save carefully, how to start and run a business, and how to develop a strong work ethic. Campers were provided with breakfast and lunch, and enjoyed a variety of crafts and games. Delicious food, new friends, and the accessible Junior Achievement curriculum not only ensured a lasting knowledge, but an exciting spring break.

This summer Hope Works will host summer camp in partnership with Living Hope Church, and will again use the Junior Achievement curriculum to inspire students to make wise choices.

To enroll your child in summer camp, call 312-709-1381 and ask for more information.