The Mobility Action Partners Program (MAP) helps job seekers find, obtain, and keep their jobs. 

A New Start

The Mobility Action Partners

is a program designed to address the limitations to participation in the formal workforce within our community. We do this through a model of various services designed to empower individuals to overcome both the systemic and personal barriers to find and stay at work. The MAP Program links clients with Community Advocates trained to equip individuals to lead their own transformation and achievement of personal goals.


Job seekers come to Hope Works and receive one-on-one support from Community Advocates to:

  • Create or update a resume
  • Practice for an interview
  • Find resources offered around you
  • Explore job options
  • Identify job training opportunities

How it works


"...You have been an amazing support to me. After not working I was dealing with depression, but now I am doing better because you guys helped to get the ball rolling to change my situation"

-bernadette, MaP client