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Join the Team

An assembly line is dependent on everyone working together to reach a goal. When you join the team at Hope Works by making a monthly giving plan, you are paving the path to employment. 

Joblessness is a complex issue, but when we are united in our efforts, more individuals will be able to find stable jobs.  Will you join us?

What's the Impact of Monthly Giving?

The Benefits of Giving

When you join the Assembly Line, you will receive updates on clients, invitations to exclusive events, and you will be the first to know about upcoming volunteer opportunities

Why give monthly?

1. Convenient When you schedule your monthly giving, you decide when your tax-deductible donations go through and can edit or end your plan at any time.

2. Cost-Effective Not only is monthly giving the easiest way for you to do your charitable giving, it reduces administrative costs when your gift is automatically processed each month so your gift goes further each month.

3. Consistent It ensures that giving stays consistent, especially in months of seasonally low giving like the Summer.

4. Community Oriented When you join the Assembly Line, you will get updates from our clients and be the first to know about volunteer opportunities. You won't just be supporting the community; you'll be part of it.